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Your own culture is the best place to start

More food trends have emerged and disappeared in the 21st century than ever before – but our own standards in this respect are as old as mankind itself: healthy, pure, longer-lasting enjoyment.

Since 1977, we have been advocating for food to remain part of a natural cycle, with healthy enjoyment firmly at its core. As individuals and as a business, we have been passing on our passion and our vitality to subsequent generations ever since: ‘We love sharing special moments of enjoyment.’

Because at Mediterre, we only share products with you that we also enjoy with our own families. When it comes to sustainable cultivation, handcrafted perfection and the purest natural products, we have complete trust in our handpicked and long-serving suppliers – who reward us in turn with their traditionally crafted masterpieces. It takes a great deal of experience to be able to stay true to nature as a business and still offer the best products for both vibrant family meals and demanding top chefs.

Mediterre was a brand of Akreum SA (www.akreum.com) until 2018, when it split off to form Mediterre International SA. Mediterre International SA is part of the Wealthyard Group SA (www.wealthyard.com), which functions as a parent company defining the vision and strategy of the member companies.