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Papadopoulus Olive Oil

For many years, Papadopoulus has combined its passion for olive oil with an innovative approach, taking advantage of modern technologies in its production of pure olive oil that, in spite of this, never breaks with tradition. These top-shelf oils transport the region’s diverse flavours to your table and are produced in one of the most state-of-the-art olive oil presses in Greece against the idyllic, sunny backdrop of the Greek landscape that stretches from the Ionian to the Aegean Sea.

Get a glimpse into the world of our producers:
from the ancient olive groves to the high-tech oil press.
Azienda Agricola San Mario

In 1986, the trained agriculturalist and herbalist Kurt Künzi – considered the father of organic herb cultivation in the Swiss mountain region – founded Azienda San Mario in Bibbona, Tuscany, fulfilling a lifelong dream.
He transplanted his many years of experience in the natural cultivation of edible and medicinal plants from the Swiss Alps to the plateaux of Tuscany. There, in his licensed Demeter organic farm, he cultivated Tuscany’s famous Frantoio olives, along with sea buckthorn, chokeberries and pomegranates. His children continue to operate the business on the same natural principles today.

Extra native Demeter olive oil
Tuscany’s unique Frantoio olives are harvested early by hand and cold-pressed on the day of picking.

Demeter fruit juices: sea buckthorn – chokeberry – pomegranate
Kurt Künzi played a key role in introducing the sun-loving sea buckthorn to Tuscany, dedicating himself to the cultivation of these unusually healthy and medicinal plants. The fruits of his 80 hectares are sent to producers of natural products such as Weleda or are transformed into healthy juices on site – as are the chokeberries and pomegranates.

Demeter balsamic vinegar
Azienda Agricola San Mario also produces first-class, fantastically aromatic vinegars flavoured with Demeter sea buckthorn, chokeberry and pomegranate.