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Production Process
When it comes to processing quality raw materials, it is critical to employ methods that preserve valuable nutrients and exquisite natural flavors.


High Pressure Processing – Fruit Juices

After bottling, our Mediterre juices are placed in a water bath while simultaneously being subjected to high pressure. The process kills microorganisms while preserving the amazingly fresh flavour and important nutrients. This production method allows for a longer shelf life without the use of additives.


Cold Pressing – Olive Oil

After thorough cleaning and removal of the pits, the olives are further processed and crushed. The step of crushing and grinding is critical and plays a major role in the ultimate quality of the olive oil.

Mechanical pressing of the olives is done at a maximum temperature of 22-25°. With the two-phase centrifuge, the olive oil is separated from the other components in the first phase and from the remaining water in the second phase.