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The taste of wind, sun and sea.

The unique salt of the Greek island of Kythira has a fine Mediterranean aroma that inspires to create and inspires to create and refines carved meat, fish or vegetables. The rough surf carries the accessible parts of the bays, where the wind and sun dry it and we skim the salt by hand.

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Sea salt from Kythira - Greece 150g

This unique salt from the Greek island of Kythira, captivates with its subtle Mediterranean flavour that inspires creativity and enhances meat, fish or vegetables.

18 pc CHF 16.00
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Fiocchi di Sale Marino Limone
Sea Salt Flakes with Lemon 80g

These sparkling pyramid-shaped salt crystals, enriched with natural lemon zest, promise a balanced and distinctive taste experience.

18 pc CHF 18.00
CHF CHF 324.00
Fiocchi di Sale Marino Basilico & Aglio
Sea Salt with Basil & Garlic 80g

A luxurious artisanal salt with a pleasingly rich basil aroma, combined with a slight infusion of distinctive garlic taste.

18 pc CHF 18.00
CHF CHF 324.00
Fior di Sale Marino affumicato
Sea Salt smoked in Beechwood 180g

This delicious gourmet salt was smoked for 140 hours in real beech wood. It contains no artificial smoke flavourings or colourings.

18 pc CHF 19.50
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